12 Great Alien Invasion Movies That Flopped When Released!

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The fascination with alien movies goes back to as early as the 50s when the sci-fi genre started growing in prominence. With time, the technological boost led to better special effects and ensured that the movies appeared all the more realistic. The obsession over such movies continued to grow and even today, alien movies are popular all over the world. The concept of such films was simple. Either the alien came as an invading species posing a threat to humanity or they came in a friendly avatar helping the good people.

With the likes of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and other notable directors delivering some classics in this genre, the popularity soared further. But amidst the success story, there are some misunderstood films as well. These movies suffered unfair criticism by the critics and were often way ahead of their time. Although they did not taste commercial success, these are underrated gems that deserve appreciation. In this video, we will tell you about some of these alien invasion movies that were trashed by the critics despite being good.
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