AEW Wants To Partner With More Promotions! AEWS Plan For Invasion Angle Leaked! AEW News! WWE News!

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AEW Wants To Partner With More Promotions! AEWS Plan For Invasion Angle Leaked! AEW News! WWE News!
00:00 Headlines
00:59 AEW Wants A Working Relationship With More Wrestling Promotions!
02:37 AEW Has Different Idea For ‘Invasion Angle’ And HUGE SPOILER On AEW & Impact Wrestling’s Plan To Trade Talent!
03:48 Details Of What Sting Wanted From WWE Before Signing With AEW Revealed!
05:12 WWE Creative Think Tank Was Drunk On Smackdown As It Was Evident During Roman Reigns Match!
05:54 Why did Bayley Lose Clean On WWE Smackdown To Natalya?
06:40 Vince McMahon Surprised A Recently Fired WWE Employee With A House Visit!
07:32 Heartbreaking New Details On Events Leading To Pat Patterson’s Passing!
10:01 Randy Orton Going To Firefly Fun House & More On WWE RAW Next Week!
10:30 CM Punk Says WWE NXT Superstars Should Be Embarrassed That Pat McAfee Has The Best Promos!
11:15 Jon Moxley Booked For Big Event In Middle East; Linda McMahon’s Confusing Tweets And More!
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