Apocalypse Rising TeamTage [Repulse] "5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY"

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This video should of came out 2 months ago but due to lack of time to work on this it came a bit late all these clips were taken and placed from 2 months ago during the season of ARSL. GG to stealth for winning ARSL.

In my opinion our team has not reunited in 3 years, and to come back and make 2nd place that says something.

Shout out to CombatPhantom for creating such a amazing squad and my longest squad i ever played for. And shoutout to the 2 OGS since the start vozc and vishal.

This is the last time repulse will be seen unless something magical happens to apocalypse rising.

Montage and edits : Benefix
Thumbnail : Tylarius

Repulse line up. 2016-2020
Combatphantom ,Benefix, Calloutz, Vozc, sweetsword, zaney, estxban, tylarius,nationly,avoxity,popshotter,nxbby,rezonox,resolize,rymize, conceptionly,xampus,popshotting.

GG to all the teams we played we had fun.
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