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My favorite ways to level up, especially for low levels!

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Complete Unlockables List:
+ HUNTING LOG: Unlocks when you complete your first class quest. Upon enlisting in a Grand Company you will receive a Company Hunting Log.
+ CHALLENGE LOG: Unlocks by completing the level 15 quest Rising to the Challenge. Players can start the quest by talking to I'tolwann in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y10).
+ GUILDHEST: Unlocks by Quest Simply The Hest (starting region specific). Requires prereq MSQ and completion of side quest "Leves of Bentbranch" / "Leves of Swiftperch" / or "Leves of Horizon" depending on your starting zone
+ THE HUNT: Let the Hunt Begin (Your Grand Company) Other unlock quests:
+ SQUADRON COMMAND MISSIONS: Requires Second Lieutenant Rank in your Grand Company and Squadron Rank 2+
+ DEEP DUNGEON: Palace of the Dead unlocks by lvl 17 quest "The House That Death Built" in Gridania. Heaven on High unlocks by lvl 61 side quest "Knocking on Heaven's Door" in The Ruby Sea. requires completion of lvl 63 MSQ

For other unlocks please refer to the above link "Complete Unlockables list"

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