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Tiberium Essence is a fan-made modification for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (and Inspired by Tiberian Sun). It brings back the most desired things from previous C&C games, such as: Blood and gore, Tiberium flora and fauna, return of the traditional Tiberium crystal model, cyborgs, the iconic Titans and Wolverines, and even the mighty Mammoth MKII.

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After you download the mod, you can download this campaign from here:

Campaign story: The year is 2052, 5 years after the Scrin invasion of Earth. GDI has lost the Tacitus to a revived Brotherhood of Nod, after GDI's Rocky Mountain complex was overrun by Nod cyborgs, Black Hand and mainline forces.

The Third Tiberium War and Scrin Invasion has left GDI crippled. 70% of GDI's troops have been killed or missing after years of intense fighting. As a consequence of heavy civilian casualties across the world, GDI may never be able to have enough recruits to refill their ranks to pre-war levels.

With the disgraceful fall of the Steel Talons, ZOCOM has gained additional funding and influence in hopes that their anti-tiberium fanaticism can save the planet from complete devastation. Can the remaining, battle-hardened GDI military stop Nod for the fourth, and hopefully final, time? Or will decades of GDI's resistance to Kane's will break down in the bitter end?

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