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There is nothing quite as satisfying as a crispy, juicy cutlet. It’s not something I make for myself very often, but when I do I’m reminded instantly of why I love it. This one is inspired by some of my favorite New York City restaurants, and is somewhere between a milanese and a schnitzel. It works with chicken or pork, and I serve it with dijon for dipping, lemon wedges for squeezing, cornichons for snacking, and dirty martinis for drinking. There’s a crunchy, bright fennel salad that goes along with it, and it’s my dream dinner. It’s special, and makes you feel a little glamorous even if you’re basically eating chicken fingers. You should make it for someone you love.


0:00 Opening
0:10 Home Movies with Alison Roman intro
0:20 Intro to Crispy Chicken & Pork Cutlets
1:30 Slice and pound the chicken breast
3:24 Slice and pound the pork cutlet
4:11 Prepare the egg wash and breadcrumbs
4:46 Coat each cutlet in the egg wash and breadcrumbs
5:24 Start your crispy, crunchy fennel salad side
6:11 Shallow fry each cutlet until golden brown
7:19 Finish the salad with shallots and lemon
7:30 Plate each cutlet and finish with flaky salt, dijon, and salad
8:15 Taste the Crispy Chicken & Pork Cutlets

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Director: Daniel Hurwitz
Editor: Pierre Coupier
Director of Photography: Dennis Thomas
Sound: Brian Cushin
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