Destiny 2 [S12] Aspect of Control Quest; 5 Entropic Shard Locations

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***PLEASE READ Here is a video of me traveling to the locations of Entropic Shard #4 and #5:

This video covers the Aspect of Control Quest which is obtainable after completing the first part of the Born in Darkness Quest. These are the 5 locations where I found entropic shards, there are more out there! You must obtain Salvation's Grip before completing this quest.

*At 1:47 is Part 2 of the Quest; I forgot to change the text.
**For the last two Entropic Shards the path is linear when inside RIIS-Reborn Approach except when you enter a room with two doors. One door to the left that is up some stairs and a door to the right on ground level which you needed to unlock with stasis. Choose the one to the RIGHT which will bring you to the elevator shown in video.

The reward for this quest is the first fragment for the brand new Stasis Subclass.

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5 Entropic Shard Locations:

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0:00 - Entropic Shard #1
0:12 - Entropic Shard #2
0:23 - Entropic Shard #3
0:44 - Entropic Shard #4
1:12 - Entropic Shard #5
1:47 - Part 2 of Quest

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