Evans Gambit on The Highest Level || AlphaZero vs Stockfish

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AlphaZero vs Stockfish
AlphaZero - Stockfish Match (2018), London ENG, Jan-18
Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Tartakower Attack (C52)

1. e4 book e5 book 2. Nf3 book Nc6 book 3. Bc4 book Bc5 book 4. b4 book Bb4 book 5. c3 book Ba5 book 6. d4 book d6 book 7. Qb3 book Qd7 book 8. Nbd2 book Bb6 9. O-O Na5 10. Qc2 ed4 11. cd4 Ne7 12. Re1 O-O 13. Bf1 Qd8 14. Ba3 Ng6 15. d5 Re8 16. Bb4 Rb8 17. Rad1 c6 18. Qb2 c5 19. Bc3 f6 20. a4 Bc7 21. Qa2 Re7 22. h3 Bd7 23. Ra1 Kh8 24. Nh2 Bb6 25. Rab1 Kg8 26. Nhf3 Be8 27. Kh2 Bc7 28. Rb2 Ra8 29. Ra1 Bd7 30. Qb1 Bc8 31. Ng1 Qf8 32. Ne2 f5 33. Ng3 f4 34. Nf5 Bf5 35. ef5 Ne5 36. Nf3 Qf6 37. Qc2 b6 38. Re1 Rf8 39. Qd1 Rd7 40. Bb5 Rdd8 41. Rc2 Qf5 42. Rce2 Nb7 43. Ba6 Na5 44. Re4 Qf6 45. Bb5 Nb7 46. Bc4 Na5 47. Ba2 Kh8 48. Bb1 Rde8 49. Kg1 Kg8 50. h4 c4 51. Ng5 g6 52. Ne6 Re6 53. de6 Qe6 54. Ba2 Kg7 55. Qe2 Rf6 56. Bc4 Nac4 57. Qc4 Qc4 58. Rc4 Nc4 59. Re7 Kf8 60. Bf6 Bd8 61. Re4 Nd2 62. Rf4 Bf6 63. Rf6 Ke7 64. Rf4 Nb3 65. Kf1 Nc5 66. h5 a5 67. Ke2 Ne6 68. Rc4 Nc5 69. Ke3 Ke6 70. Rg4 Kf7 71. Rd4 Ke6 72. h6 Ke7 73. f4 Ne6 74. Rd2 Nc5 75. Ra2 Nd7 76. Rb2 Kf6 77. Rb5

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