Everyday Australians are 'waking up to the nonsense' of Invasion Day

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Alice Springs deputy mayor Jacinta Price says more Australians are “waking up to the nonsense” of Invasion Day rallies and anti-Australia Day sentiments.

“I think what it has done, for those of us who appreciate this country and who do want to just celebrate the day for what it actually is, I think more and more of those are waking up to the nonsense,” she told Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Ms Price said the Invasion Day rallies are largely attended by those who are not Indigenous and the effect of promoting the day is treating Indigenous Australians as “helpless victims and we need our white allies to hold our hands”.

“For vast majority of the Indigenous Australians who don’t jump up and down they’re part of the quiet Australians, they’re part of the majority of us who just want to get on with things and who don’t want to be continually painted as though we are helpless victims.”
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