EVERYTHING I HATE About Owning A Used BMW M4 1 Year Later!

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Welcome back to the channel ladies and gentleman! Today we talk about everything that I hate about owning a used BMW M4 after 1 year of ownership. The BMW F82 M4 is seriously a proper car, but after 1 year you inevitably see things that you do not like about a car since no car is perfect. My BMW M4 was bought used 1 year ago from a private seller in Sarasota, FL. Since then, this used BMW M4 has been introduced into plenty of modifications which have enhanced the car in many ways, but has also tainted it in one way as well. Watch the video to find out what that is! Enjoy!
- Beemer Fam

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Here's Everything I HATE About Owning A Used BMW M4 In 2021

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