Fifa Mobile 20 l Road to Nesta l The Cheapest way - Episode 2 l Walkthrough the new Icons

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If you are looking the cheapest way to clime prime Icon Nesta in fifa mobile 20, then this video may help you.
Today we are doing the second episode of Road to Nesta - The Cheapest way. This is gonna be insane video because we are gonna clime a lot of icons, we are gonna open some packs and I will show you which icons are worth claiming.
First things first. We went and pick up 4 Icons. Those were 4 icons from the previous set of Icons. We are gonna focus on the new set of icons later. I pick the 92 Gk and 3 other Icons. I am not gonna train them in this episode, but you don't want to miss my next episode of Road to Nesta - The cheapest way! After claiming 4 new icons we went and put them all in my team. Now we have 7 Icons ready to be sacrificed for Prime Icone Nesta.
I already climbed Nesta on my second account
Take a look:
Road to Nesta - The Fastest way l Episode 1

Road to Nesta - The Fastest way l Episode 2 (Claiming Nesta)

Next, we went and open some packs. That the best thing in FIFA mobile 20 - opening packs! But our luck was terrible. We opened 7 GTOTW Packs and got nothing! Pack luck was terrible, but I made some coins. I went straight to the market and sell all players that I packed. They were all gold, but I still made some nice profit. However that's not my best strategy for making coins. I have a lot of methods for earning coins in fifa mobile 20. And the best part - IT'S ALL FREE!
I made all those coins free to play. So what are you waiting for?
Join the best F2P community in the world and start making coins today. Just click that Subscribe button and get rich in fifa mobile 20. That not a trick or some stupid lies. All it takes to be rich in fifa mobile 20 is to watch my videos and you won't have any problem with coins.
In the middle of the video I showed you how many coins I have. I have around 100M coins and I made those coins completely f2p. Not to mention that I have one of the best f2p teams in fifa mobile.
After we clear that out, we went and checked the new Icons. New set of Icons dropped a few days ago. You don't want to claim the wrong Icons so take my suggestions into consideration. I breakdown all the new Icons, including 95 GK Yashin and 97 CAM Cruyff. But there are some icons who are better than those 2. I specifically like that CAM from Brazil. He is the best Icon from the new set of Icons.
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