FINDING the REFERENCES: Completing the Mission - PART 3 (Henry Stickmin Collection)

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We have finally reached the finale of one of most beloved Flash series of all time, Henry Stickmin! I thought it would be fun to peel back the layers of the Henry Stickmin Collection, seeking out references, callbacks, secrets, easter eggs and more!
These games are JAM packed with references. So it's no small task!

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I am steadily working my way through the entire collection, trying to find every juicy little detail Puff snuck in there! This video is specifically on any of the Government Supported Private Investigator endings for Completing the Mission.
In addition to references, I also look at secrets, achievements, secrets, and more - as well as any especially neat Character Bios!

0:00 Opening
0:28 RBH + GI
10:17 RBH + CA
16:37 RBH + PD
22:48 RBH + IRO
36:38 Bios
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