Firebase Z Easter Egg Guide COMPLETE Main Quest Fast Easy Tutorial Walkthrough *Black Ops Cold War*

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Here is my complete Easter Egg Guide for the brand new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map Firebase Z! This is a fast and easy Easter Egg Quest Tutorial.

UPDATE: For the mimic step try to run into each location and look for pre-spawned items like a turret or other Killstreak. In a few test games I found that when I would get a room that had a bunch of items in there one would be a mimic and that would work each time for the characters needed. I would check different locations at the beginning of a round and most of the locations I talked about in the video were it. Colonels office, motor pool, mission control, pecks room, spawn, etc. Hope this helps! Most of the mimics that are already spawned in for a round didn't seem to work an it was the ones that were objects on the ground in locations already that did.

0:00 Intro
0:29 Step 1 Talk to Peck & Ravenov
0:55 Step 2 Create Serum & Use it
2:05 Step 3 Mimic Memories for Codes & Samanthas Location
3:47 Step 4 Reboot Mainframe & Spawn Orb
4:16 Step 5 Aethermeter & Shovel
4:39 Step 6 Aether Canister 1
5:22 Step 7 Aether Container 2
5:56 Step 8 Aether Container 3
6:35 Step 9 Aether Reactors
7:16 Step 10 Align the Satellite
8:00 Step 11 Boss Fight
8:39 Outro

Easter Egg ending cutscene:

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