Good and Bad News for InSight! Mission Update for NASA InSight Lander

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What is new with NASA's InSight Mission? What scientific discoveries has it made over the past year?

0:00 Introduction
1:06 Bad News
2:20 Good News
2:52 Quakes
3:59 Types of Waves
6:45 Magnitude
7:56 InSight's Discoveries
10:33 Wind on Mars
11:20 Conclusion

In this video, we discuss mission updates to the Mars InSight Lander. NASA's InSight Mission landed back in 2018, and has been studying the interior structure of the red planet. During this time, the HP3 experiment has had many difficulties digging into the Martian regolith. Therefore, the 'Bad News' is that NASA has officially ended attempts to get the probe the dig. The good news is that the mission has been extended for another two years, going to the end of 2022.

We also look at some of the scientific discoveries of the mission. Starting out by going over the basics of quakes. InSight has detected over 480 Marsquakes, all with a magnitude less than This has come as a surprise to scientists, as some believed they should have detected larger events by this point. Additionally, the SEIS experiment has yet to detect a surface wave, which also raises many questions regarding how exactly these quakes are forming. There are multiple theories to why this is the case, but over the next two years, NASA hopes to learn more about the events. Lastly, InSight will listen for the Perseverance rover, to see if it can detect once it lands on the surface.

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