How did the Curse Affect the Biological World? - Dr. Kurt Wise, Devotional Biology pt. 5.2

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This video is from our biology curriculum, "Devotional Biology: Learning to Worship the Creator of Organisms." To purchase in-depth video lectures, the printed or PDF textbook and more, visit our website: ????

The physical world does not seem to be inherently evil, such as the ancient Greeks believed. Nor, is the world in such conflict as naturalistic evolution would expect. Rather, the common and deep mutualisms suggest that the creation is basically good, perhaps not far removed from the label of ‘very good’ that the Creator originally gave it. However, there is still something wrong with the biological world. In this video, Dr. Wise explains the origin of disease, death, and especially suffering.

"Devotional Biology: Learning to Worship the Creator of Organisms" is an amazing opportunity to learn high school biology from one of the top creation scientists in the world, paleontologist Kurt Wise. Dr. Wise has designed this unique class to fully integrate a Christian worldview with the biological sciences. The result is a completely new way to approach biology. He has taught this class for over a decade to high school and college students, and is now making it available for the first time in video format.

Dr. Wise earned his BA in geology from the University of Chicago, and his MA and PhD degrees in paleontology from Harvard University. He founded and directed the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College and taught biology there for 17 years. He then led the Center for Theology and Science at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for 3 years, before founding and directing the Center for Creation Research and teaching biology at Truett McConnell University for the last 7 years. His fieldwork has included research in early Flood rocks in the Death Valley region, late Flood rocks in Wyoming, and post-Flood caves in Tennessee.

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