I just took a DNA Test turns out I’m 100%… shocked

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This video is such a dream come true. You guys know I love both biology and learning about myself! In this video, I'll dig into my geographic ancestry, hereditary risk of diseases and genetically predetermined factors about my traits and characteristics! Insane ????✨ I'll also answer your 'get to know me' Qs from my Instagram. I hope you enjoy!!

00:00 Why I wanted a DNA Test (intro)
1:23 Taking the Test
1:45 Geographic Ancestry
3:03 Music + Dance Ability
3:20 Nutrition + Alcohol Tolerance
4:45 Stress Tolerance + Sleep Time
5:28 Academics + Creativity
6:54 Personality
7:58 Disease Risk
8:43 Discount Code :)
9:08 Environmental Factors!
9:38 Answering Your IG Questions
9:40 Are you Happy?
10:04 What’s your love language?
10:20 Do you think Pride is important?
11:00 Do you see yourself as independent?
11:38 Positivity
12:20 Balancing Relationships with Success
13:30 Favourite Quote?

Huge huge thank you to Circle DNA for sponsoring this video. The discount code UNJADEDJADE is valid for 1 week after this video is posted and you can use it on a maximum of 10 kits! They're pricey, but I highly recommend. This test was so meaningful for me and my family. ???? #CircleDNAChangemaker

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