Insta 360 One X Paramotor Take off & landing

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Flying with the Insta 360 One X
Join us & fly at Paramotor Training Uk, Rated for tuition & best bespoke equipment deals for students, we have all the top kit & brands, much of it we manufacture too saving you thousands compared to other providers & its great to have you covered with all spares & parts at half retail for our students.
We also run the UK pilot group where you can join in with some of the biggest names in the sport here from Top pilots Murdock, Sky walker, RL22 Leishman, Matt Ramsden, Jake Williamson & many more, the pilot group has around 1500 active students / members now.

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Bradley Quinn - CFI/QFI /
Chief Flight Instructor / Master Pilot
Paramotor Training Uk
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