INSTA 360 ONE X2 - How to get the MOST UNIQUE Perspectives!

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Q: How old are you guys?
A: We are 20 years old!

Q: How many of you are there?
A: There are 3 of us: Tommy, Mitchell, and Stephen! Mitchell & Stephen are identical twins, and Tommy is their friend who looks remarkably similar!

Q: What does TMS stand for?
A: It's our first initials combined! (We made it at 15, what did you expect?)

Q: Where are you from?
A: British Columbia, Canada! We got those PNW vibes;)

Q: What gear do you use?
Vlog Camera (Our Everyday Carry):
Crazy Cinema Camera:
The RAZOR SHARP Cinema Camera Lens:
The BIG KAHUNA Zoom Lens!:
Softbox for the 120D!:
All the Fixin's for the BIG DRONE:
small drone (to fly through things):
ND Filters for small drone:
GoPro Goodness:
Crispy Microphone:
Cheaper Microphone:
Our Trusty Tripods:
Affordable Light Kit:
THE Camera Bag:
Ron, the Gimble:
Laptop (MacBook Pro Equivalent!):
External Monitor:

As always… we’ll see you guys next Monday!

Created by: Tommy DeWitt, Stephen & Mitchell Kucher
Music: Licensed through @Musicbed @Epidemic Sound
Editing Software: Adobe Creative Cloud

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