Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: Special Clay by Frank Brennan (Level 2 )

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Special Clay by Frank Brennan
Level 2_B1 Pre-intermediate
Audiobook with Subtitles
Cleveland schoolboy Emilio Lopez has difficulties and so is sent to a special school. There he learns to control his anger, largely with the help of drama teacher Mrs McFee. He particularly likes her ‘special clay’ lessons where students pretend to make anything they want using their hands and imaginary clay. Emilio also turns out to be an excellent potter with real clay. Mrs McFee takes him to work with well-known potter Grover Jackson, but they have an accident with another car in a rainstorm on the way to his studio. Their back wheel is broken, but Emilio makes another out of ‘special clay’ and drives Mrs McFee and the other car driver to safety.
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