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Today we gonna see if it's worth to upgrade traps to max level. We all know that traps is not really a trivial thing in Clash of Clans but is it really that important? Upgrading traps need good chunk amount of resource that we can also allocate to much more valuable things like defense building. To see if max level traps really bring significant different on the battle I'm gonna test it out using level 1 troops. This is level 1 troops vs max level traps.

In this video I'm gonna place all those max level traps from bombs, spring traps, giant bombs and skeletons trap in narrow alley created using walls so the troops must through that path to find the purpose of their life. I also gonna mix it all up between air traps and ground traps since they not took a lot of space anyway. Tornado traps will be placed on the center so it has maximum effect to every troops. On the edge of the traps formation I'll place a bait building such as gold storage for goblin, air defense for giant, cannon for lava hound and so on. Troops will passed the test when they can destroy the bait building to confirm that they are able to reach the edge of the formation.

All troops that survived the first round will continue on final round. In final round I put scattershot at the end of the base and to passed each troops must destroy everything including scattershot. This way we'll know is it really worth to upgrade traps to maximum level and also we'll find out who's the most reliable troop when it comes to destroying traps.

Who will win?
Let's see!

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