Mario's funniest new GOOMBA level in Super Mario 3D World! (Funny Super Mario 3D World mod)

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The funniest Mario goomba level EVER MADE in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury! This goomba enemy spam/ "Little Timmy" level by Mayro is absolutely hilarious, and it's so funny to see giant goombas, pancake goombas, and goombas of all sizes chasing after Mario in this Super Bell Hill mod!

I've tested what happens if you put 1000 goombas on a single block before - and in today's video, we play a hilarious Super Mario 3D World mod by Mayro where the level is completely filled with as many goombas as possible! Check out Mayro!! We're going to playing some more levels from this "enemy spam" mod that Mayro made, so make sure you're subscribed so that you'll be notified when new videos come out :D

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Max goombas/ max koopas - 0:00
Intro/ explanation - 0:07
Level start - 0:19
GIANT Goombas - 0:26
Goomba swarm - 0:41
Giant goomba swarm - 0:56
First green star - 1:09
Tall goombas - 1:20
Goomba traffic cam - 1:38
Goombas sneaking up on Mario - 2:08
Rabbit and goomba island - 2:25
Second green star - 2:49
Cat goombas - 3:00
Goombas consuming a rabbit - 3:10
Stamp room with huga galoombas - 3:25
Rabbit and double cherry - 3:50
Funny backwards cat goombas - 4:30
Thick pancake goombas - 4:42
Third green star area - 5:10
Crowd-surfing goombas - 5:30
Goombas shot out of a clear pipe - 6:05
Double cherry platform - 6:20
Double Marios - 7:10
Goombas chasing Mario - 7:30
Two Marios at the end of the level - 7:53
1000s of goombas all together - 8:30

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