Minecraft Player VS Programmer (I let a programmer change my Minecraft code…)

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So I let a programmer change my Minecraft, and it didn't end well. This was the most difficult video I’ve ever made, so I hope you enjoy! Now just let me die.

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❤️ Bad programmer (booo):
❤️ Sp00ky programmer voice (thanks Andy!):

Getting this video done has been quite the adventure. Hours of work on the programmer’s part to do the custom minecraft code, a 10+ hour recording session, and several days of editing. I think it turned out great though!

This was recorded after the Nether Update released, however there wasn’t time to move the custom coded stuff over to before recording so we stuck with for this one. That was probably for the best given what the programmer did to the nether pff. Still, it’ll be exciting to see what they come up with for the new nether bioms! Maybe they’ll be nice and delete Hoglins.
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