Mission Statement

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I don’t need a melodic beat to speak methodically

The way things ought to be means a lot to me

I turn rhyme schemes into crime scenes

With punchlines and wordplay in crunch time on a workday

Do I take the time to make it rhyme

To try and find the right line or a lifeline?

It’s been an escape to vent when I’m bent out of shape

My bread and butter to get my head out of the gutter

When I’ve crossed the line or lost my mind

A stable enterprise is able to improvise

Burn it to the ground and kill the unity

Then turn it around and build a community

So bow to me then take the crown

Build me up and break me down

We’ve gained some traction

But we’re not the main attraction

It’s not a perfect system

But we’re purpose driven

So I hope this spoken word

Is the dopest you’ve ever heard

Take it or leave it

I can’t make you believe it
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