Multi Level Car Parking Games #3 City Driving! Android gameplay

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Multi Level Car Parking Games #3 City Driving! Android gameplay
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Do you like car games android? Drifting… Parking… Precision Driving. Who said shopping was boring? Drive intense cars around the car parking lot to pass the missions in the fastest time you can.
Truly taking Parking into Three Dimensions! If you love Parking games, you haven’t seen anything like this before! Park on MULTIPLE FLOORS of the realistic multistory car park facility and don’t crash into the other cars which also trying to find their parking spaces!!
Real moving traffic to avoid and UNIQUE and FUN cars to drive:
** Weave like a Ninja in the small but QUICK Hatchback
** Carefully negotiate the turns in the HUGE Luxury sedan
** Drift like a Street Racer with the DRIFT Muscle Car!
** The bulky 4x4 SUV is a bit of a monster to navigate around the parked cars!
** Hot Hatchbak - shorter doesn’t necessarily mean easier! This tuned-up hatchback has a lot of power to tame!
** Luxury Sedan - this very long car will test your spatial awareness. Don’t scratch the shiny paintwork!
Tons of varied missions, featuring moving traffic to avoid, moving entry and exit barriers and a detailed multi-level car park map to explore.
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