My Come Up Story & Creating Producergrind | CEO Morning Show #1

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First episode of the CEO Morning Show LIVE (5/2/2020)

In this episode I share my come up story starting with how I got into making beats & websites and how that lead to creating the Producergrind brand. I talk about a lot the crazy stories that happened along the way including getting kicked out of my mom's house multiple times.

I also talk about living in my first studio and taking showers in a storage bin hustling studio time and saving paychecks to get an apartment. This all lead to me starting a profitable business and moving down to Atlanta where it really took off.

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00:00 Intro (New Show)
02:26 The start of my come up story
02:50 Being an A student wanting to be a doctor
03:50 Meeting the friend who gave me an entrepreneurial spirit
04:10 Being a hustler at a young age
05:40 Hustle & Flow movie made we want to be a producer
06:55 Meeting my rapper friend & getting serious about producing
09:55 Making my first bedroom studio & my first artist
10:53 Being known in my school as the kid with the studio at his house
11:55 Learning photoshop and blogging/adsense
12:46 Mom hated that I wanted to make beats and smoke gas
13:42 Studio session house party & getting arrested for gas
16:40 Mom kicking me out of the house & moving in with grandparents
*19:00 Getting suspended senior year
22:44 living in My first studio with no shower
24:27 getting a job and hustling studio time to get an apartment
26:50 Getting an apartment with champagnesteff and trying college
27:49 Life changing moment at Guitar Center
29:18 Going to 38 Spesh Studio
29:48 Getting a job as an engineer/producer
31:51 Working with Spesh, Klass & Benny The Butcher
32:10 First time in Atlanta working with Young Scooter
33:25 The birth of Producergrind
35:58 Making money selling drum kits
36:45 Linking up with WhoIsJBeats
37:55 Becoming full time entrepreneur making $50K first year
39:28 Going to Zaytoven Producer Camp in ATL & Linking with JonBoii
41:51 Playing beats for Zayotven hoping to get signed lol
43:12 Going to Zaytoven Producer Camp again in Charlotte
45:44 Getting invited to Zaytoven’s House
49:12 Deciding to move to Atlanta
52:10 The birth of Producergrind Podcast
52:50 Not having a clear direction or goal
53:50 Hiring my first employee
54:40 Getting an office & lauching podcast
55:05 After thoughts
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