Neck Deep - Threat Level Midnight

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"Threat Level Midnight" off of the new full-length Life's Not Out To Get You out now!

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I've had a steady stream of lonely nights for the past few weeks in this room,
I'm locked away from it all, just need a break from the walls that close me in,
I'll see this out standing on pins.
I'll fall asleep with my eyes open,
Just to see if I could focus on something more than my loneliness.
None of my friends seem to give a shit about the way I am,
I know full well they understand that I get myself way too deep in what she said,
But they'll bail me out when I'm in over my head.
I'm getting sick of being broke,
But what's worse is I'm all on my own,
Can't seem to let this go,
I wish I could stop staring at the phone so I can get some sleep.
Another day, another week in hell.
I'll see your face down here real soon,
A welcome home to a swift farewell.
Of all the things I hope to keep:
A childhood sense of opportunity.
Grab life by the wrist and jump,
Take the chance while I'm still young and dumb.
Passed out but on my feet,
With years ahead to get some sleep,
And so much time to face defeat.
So write our names in wet concrete,
To seal our place in space and time,
Before we have to walk the line,
Before we all move on in life,
Before the sun comes up tonight.
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