Nyla Rose vs Baby D (Women's Wrestling) Mission Pro Wrestling, AEW - Title Match Network

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Former AEW Women's Champion Nyla Rose debuts in Mission Pro vs the returning Baby D. "Empty Promises" iPPV ➤ ​​​​​​​​​​

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This Mission Pro exclusive features one of the top women's wrestlers in the world, former AEW champ Nyla Rose. Her opponent, Baby D recently had her retirement match vs Thunder Rosa. However, when Baby D heard Nyla was trash talking Texas, she couldn't help but accept the challenge.

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Where: Buda, TX
Promotion: Mission Pro Wrestling
Event: Empty Promises
PPV: Title Match Network
When: March 20, 2020
-4- Camera Shoot w/ Sony Prosumer Cams
-Commentary: Madi Wrenkowski, Baby D
-Post-edits: Title Match studios via Premiere Pro CC
-Studio Rights: Mission Pro Wrestling, Title Match Media LLC (via Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Network)

Produced in Buda, TX for Mission Pro Wrestling.
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