Ollie Joseph - Jacksonville Code (Prod. by UNRTHDX) (Official Video)

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Rapper Ollie Joseph (born and raised in Japan) and producer UNRTHDX have been working on a magnificent work of art the past couple of months bringing you their result in the form of "Moon & Back: The Journey". Jacksonville Code is the first of four and tells the story of his experience through a hard time where he chose to stay with his ex so she could learn what not to do for the next person. "Falling in and out of love is part of what keeps life interesting. It took me writing this song to understand that" - Ollie Joseph

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Director & Editor: Jay B Kaufman
Executive Producer: Faruk Baskopru

Special thanks to Crystal Lozada

Some other nigga benefiting from lessons I taught you
Now it’s an automated message if I call you
I know you know it’s me, who else got that Jacksonville code?
The tables turn, I hit you drunk, you relaxing at home
I hate stirring the pot, but I rolled some, I been working a lot
Reassessed my life, confirming your spot
And fuck you for bursting our bubble, I took too long to rebuttal
Now you controlling the plays, you’ve been perched in the box
Say you’re sure you moved on, but I’m certain you’re not…


If I woulda known we on a time frame, I would have skipped the mind games
You’d beg for me back, I’d sent a tirade
I declined your calls when they came, I regret it now
Always kept my opinion caged, it’s time I let it out
I wanted the damage that you did to me to hit you worse
Set me ablaze, but none of the flames had killed the nerves
You were never real with words, and always plastic with actions
I was your go-to in private, in public a stand in
That when hand in hand with the break ups and the misunderstandings
I expected some better treatment, I considered you family
Confronted you about cheating over hibachi dinner
I had a hunch, my gut said, “this bitch probably did it”
Why am I always right? Why’re the girls that gain your trust then
Go and fuck some other bum always Ollie’s type?
I gotta stop tryna convert em to housewives
I gotta stop tryna confirm if they down for life
‘Cause I’ve been around in life, and you the worse type of person
I was adapting on my own, shoulda left me to learn it
I was plenty assertive when I told you off but
When you fully forget em’s when they always to pop up

You said I don’t miss the current you
I guess I miss the old version
No you haven’t changed a lot
‘Cause you’re not one for soul searching

Bitch I ain’t changed, I’m still petty
I could fuck your situation up, and its real tempting
The real tempest, I’ll show you mercy but I wanna expose you
I got a ton of screen shots I could go through to roast you
When you were still up in my messages after y’all got together
You were referencing everything that we did x-rated
Hit me up on a mission, you drunk and ready to risk it
I know you meant what you dishing,’cause you get real when faded
But this the sober me
Off that wyd, what you doing at 3?
I finally listen instead of acting impulsively
Apologies shoulda made you drop him and run to me
Never had a chance of our story ending like fairy tales
Consideration for others is always something that you barely felt
Shelling out the disses, but never disclosure
Tired of keeping the door open, I’ll finally close it

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