Ploughing w/ Unique Schlüter Profi Trac 3500 TVL (1of4 build ) [Pure Sound]

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Ploughing using a very rare Schlüter Profi Trac 3500 TVL with Dowdeswell front press arm, Evers furrow press and a five furrow Lemken Opal 180 5 furrow plough. Only 4 of these tractors are ever build, this one is the last build in 1976 and has a 320 HP MAN engine.
Its the predecessor of the modern Claas Xerion tractors which are designed by the same engineers of this Schlüter.

Ploegen met een bijzondere Schlüter Profi Trac 3500 TVL van melkveebedrijf Van der Schans uit Deurne. Gefilmd in 2014.

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