Poco X3 Pro PUBG Test 90FPS ???? I Poco X3 Pro full Gaming Review PUBG + COD I Fps + heating test

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Poco X3 Pro PUBG Test 90FPS ???? I Poco X3 Pro full Gaming Review PUBG + COD I Fps + heating test
Today in This video i will Make full Gaming review of latest smartphone from POCO, POCO X3 PRO Pubg test & POCO X3 PRO call of duty test. i know this video is To long But if You interested To buy this Phone for Gaming so please watch This Video Till End & i will try my best to making this video for You & if You enjoy this video so please like Share & subscribe.
Time Laps For You Help
00:00 Intro
1:32 Graphics Details + 1st TDM With Extreme sittings
7:51 After First TDM Details): Battery + Heating
9:00 2nd TDM with Fps Meter + 90FPS
14:43 After 2nd TDM Details): Battery + Heating
16:12 3rd Match Arangle with UHD+90Fps
21:30 After 3rd Match Details): Battery + Heating
22:29 COD Gameplay + Graphics Details): + FPS + Heating
25:52 After COD Final decision
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