POLICE ARREST Pond Monster for STOLEN Sharer CAR! (Top Secret Clues Caught on Camera) *Bad News*

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Top secret police agents searching for mystery person who stole the sharer family car! Top Secret investigation Caught on security Camera! this prank has gone too far!


You saw in Grace Sharer last vlog “DONT Push the Wrong Mystery Button!! (Lie Detector Test on Pond Monster) FACE REVEAL” Where grace sharer will find out the pond monster identity with a face reveal. The pond monster is captured and in the lie detector seat so it has to tell the truth when we ask questions form thee fan comments! The pond monster takes off it’s mask!! Who’s the pond monster?! Today we will find out. There are 100 Mystery Only 1 Will Let you ESCAPE this Box! Lets hope Grace sharer DONT Push the Wrong Mystery Button!! Or els grace sharer is up next in the lie detector seat! If grace sharer chooses the right mystery button then the pond monster face reveal time! Grace sharer will choose the mystery button to ask the pond monster lie detector test questions! In TODAYS vlog, grace sharer was going to target for a target shopping haul. tiktok made me buy it target addition. Trendy things to buy a target. But plot twist, the sharer the love bug was missing. it was not at the sharer family house ?! Some one had stole the sharer family car! Who stole it? at least they didn’t steal the sharerghini! This is not a prank. Grace sharer searching the whole neighborhood to find the missing lost car. Posting signs if found call grace sharer cell phone number. Then grace checks the top secret security cameras. Motion detected, we caught them on camera ! This must be the person. They are undercover as someone. Then a tow truck comes. Uh oh! And a mystery box delivered with a tracking chip… We need two investigate whats going one. Who’s behind all this wee have them caught on camera. it looks like undercover top secret agents were hired by the pond monster to tow the car away ?! But WHY!! We need to stop the pond monsters they are taking over and these prank are way too extreme. Was it the pond monster who STOLE the Share the love bug ?! This person trying to hide n seek from us to not get caught. Time to call the top secret police agents and solve the mystery.

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