Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show (+All DLC) [34] 100% Xbox 360 Longplay

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(Time Codes Are Below) Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show is a 2014 party/interactive video game based on the television show Rabbids Invasion. The game features 20 base game episodes and 16 DLC episodes. In order to unlock episodes and collect photo booth props you must collect coins by winning interactive challenges, doing certain motion based activities, etc. Several episodes had to be replayed in order to grind extra coins but I removed the gameplay part for the replayed levels but kept the intro and the reward achieved each time a level was replayed. Also, if you play with friends instead of solo like myself, you'll earn more coins. In addition, if you sign into Uplay you get a 25% bonus for each level completed which is a must while 100%ing the game. You'll notice I sprang for all of the dlc a third of the way through the longplay since I got sick of repeating the same episodes to grind.

This longplay was requested by: Shashwata Das

0:02:02 - Sticky Rabbid
1:48:18 - Rabbid Tummy Rumble (Race Episode)
2:16:01 - Ring! Bwaaah! (Race Episode)
3:29:14 - Dueling Rabbids (DLC)
3:40:45 - Super Rabbid (DLC) (Race Episode)

0:15:33 - The Rabbid Who Fell To Earth (Race Episode)
0:51:31 - Rabbid Radar
4:13:30 - Raving Thirst
4:46:53 - Raving Alien (Race Episode)
4:25:52 - Stop! No More! (DLC)
4:37:15 - Rabbid Dreams (DLC) (Race Episode)
4:47:02 - Rabbids Test N° 98001-C: The Mirror (Race Episode)

0:26:30 - Escalator Rabbid
1:19:50 - Rabbid (Race Episode)
6:46:41 - Rabbids Against the Machine
6:59:23 - Rabbid Elevation (Race Episode)
2:31:55 - Radio Rabbid (DLC)
2:43:23 - Rabbids Say Cheese (DLC)
2:55:01 - Rabbid Market (DLC)
3:06:33 - Zombie Rabbid (DLC) (Race Episode)
3:16:01 - Slippery And Soapy (DLC)

0:38:48 - Music Rabbid (Race Episode)
1:33:09 - Rabbid Mollusk
5:18:21 - Rabbidochio (Race Episode)
6:33:32 - Rabbid Playa
5:28:54 - Rabbid's Rules Of Order (DLC) (Race Episode)
5:39:04 - O' Come All Ye Rabbids (DLC) (Race Episode)
5:49:25 - Moo Rabbids (DLC) (Race Episode)

1:04:46 - Rabbid, Are You There?
2:00:47 - Runway Rabbids
5:07:20 - Scout Rabbids (Race Episode)
3:51:53 - Schnoz Rabbid (DLC) (Race Episode)
4:02:51 - Vampire Rabbid (DLC) (Race Episode)

6:30:31 - Omelet Party
6:11:51 - Pecking Rabbid (Race Episode)
6:22:54 - Rabbids with Fleas (DLC) (Race Episode)
Until Rabbids Do You Part (DLC)

7:09:49 - Credits
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