re-outlining & writing chat while I set up my project in scrivener!

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Instead of a writing vlog, it's an outlining vlog! Also a Q&A from your fellow writers. ????
0:00 Let's chat while I set up my project in Scrivener!
0:35 Question 1: What word processor do you use?
2:28 Question 2: Do you always write scenes in order?
5:54 Question 3: When you were in school, were you able to work on your writing or personal creative projects?
7:18 Question 4: How do you outline?
10:58 Question 5: How do you feel about only writing when the inspiration strikes or do you think writers should be writing each day?
14:37 Question 6: Can you make writing both a steady revenue stream AND a means of relaxation? Can it be both at that level?
15:42 Question 7: How do you know when your story is ready for publication? ("I just completed my first story; should I focus on publication or shelve it?")
17:42 Question 8: What is your process for editing after the first draft?

D I S C U S S I O N Q U E S T I O N S :
Please answer any/all of the questions listed above from your fellow writers! :)
Also let me know your outlining or re-outlining methods!
And PLEASE share if you have any quick Scrivener hacks!

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