Roman Reigns Kept SILENT After WWE Erases Him From HISTORY! (Roman Reigns VS WWE)

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Roman Reigns being edited out of the WWE money in the bank highlight clip on Raw was one of the biggest wrestling news headlines for the week. Roman Reigns and WWE Backstage Heat and Drama has been the fastest growing story in wwe news right now. We know the history of Roman Reigns pulling out of competition and there’s been nothing but mixed reports about how WWE feels about Roman Reigns. However, we might have got our biggest hint on where WWE stands with Roman Reigns this week on WWE Raw. WWE Edited out Roman Reigns from the Seth Rollins money in the bank cash in and basically erased Roman Reigns from WWE history. The Smackdown intro which featured Roman Reigns was also fully removed from Smackdown’s intro. Roman Reigns has kept his silence throughout this whole WWE drama, but fans are still wondering what’s going on here with Roman Reigns and WWE. WWE is going through all this work to remove Roman Reigns from everything, but what’s going to happen when Roman Reigns is ready to return to WWE? WWE is just going to have to put everything with Roman Reigns back up so once the point of editing out Roman Reigns? It’s a bit of an overreaction on WWE’s part, but we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes with Roman Reigns and WWE, but it seems like the situation is only getting worse for Roman Reigns. What are your thoughts on this Roman Reigns update? Leave you comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed!

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