Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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This Bible study looks at the events that occur during the Tribulation that then trigger:

- The Armageddon War against Jerusalem by the armies of “Gog”
- The Second Coming of Christ to the Earth to rescue the Jews from The Antichrist
- How Christ destroys Antichrist’s armies.

The study reveals how many days lapse between the end of the Tribulation to the commencement of the War of Armageddon; and how many days from then until Christ returns at the Second Coming.

It reveals details about the man-child of Rev 7 and 14; and the possible location to where many of the Jews will flee to in the latter half of the Tribulation.

The study reveals who the Two Witnesses are and how they destroy their enemies.

The study also reveals much about the types of weapons used at Armageddon and also looks at the types of animals that accompany the armies of Gog.

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