Shikamaru's Soul Crushing Burden During His S Rank Mission After The Fourth Great Ninja War!

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Before he became the right hand man of the seventh hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru in the years after the fourth great ninja war ended had to work his way up the ranks of Konoha in order to prove worthy of being the second most important person in Konoha. It was during this time that Shikamaru was given a mission that forever changed him, crushing his soul when he contemplated the weight and severity of the mission's requirements and what would happen if he failed. Not only that, but in the lead up to the mission, Shikamaru's mind turned back to the darker moments of his life, where he saw his mentor Asuma have his life taken right in front of him by Hidan, during the Hidan vs Asuma fight, and his first failure as a chunin during the Sasuke retrieval mission. In the days leading up to this mission, Shikamaru had to do some major soul searching before he took on the most important mission of his ninja career!

Grab those ramen bowls as we cover the dark moments leading up to Shikamaru's S rank mission after Naruto fourth ninja war ended in this latest installment of After Naruto Shippuden!
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