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In this episode of Experts React we invite our Expert Sniper Richard Maynes for the Battlefield V Nordlys mission.

Nordlys is the third single-player War Story featured in Battlefield V. It is set in Norway in Winter 1943 during the German occupation.

It tells the story of Solveig Fia Bjørnstad, a young woman who must wage a one-woman guerrilla war in the mountains, not only to thwart the German export of heavy water, used for research into atomic weapons, but also to save her captured mother, Astrid.

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00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Presentation
00:42 - Skiing
01:14 - Weapons and Women Snipers
01:46 - Knife throwing and climbing the snow
03:07 - Stealth
04:40 - Rescuing and defending Astrid
06:05 - Destroying electrical substations
06:45 - Running away
07:45 - Conclusion
08:03 - Outro
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