Sunday Longplay - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 - Dominique Single Mode (Legend Style!)

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This week on Sunday Longplay, I'm knocking two things off my to-do list in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 at the same time! First, getting the secret ending in the final episode unlocks Single Mode, which let's you play Episode 1 with only one character of your choice. Second, the version update adds a new difficulty style called Legend Style, which adds more enemies to every stage (some of which infinitely spawn in!), makes them respawn from offscreen, and makes them all deal +1 damage from Veteran Style. Not only that, but losing one character is treated as all characters dying, and there's now a time limit for each stage! And I had the crazy idea to combine the two challenges together! Am I insane? After my hours of attempts at each stage past level 3, I think so!

I also decided to take the challenge up another notch by not using Hachi as my single character! I chose Dominique for my first single-character run mostly because a lot of my core strategies for the boss fights center around her. Also, she is one of only a few characters who has access to every upgrade, and I also wanted to think up legitimate strategies rather than cheesing through everything with Hachi. I do want to do another Single Mode run with Hachi eventually, and I also want to do another one with Miriam for a true old-school Castlevania style (with Legend Style feeling like a 2nd Loop in Castlevania 1 or 3).

0:00 - Intro, Story
0:20 - Stage 1: The Dragon's Silhouette
7:42 - Stage 2: Enchanting Deception
15:17 - Stage 3: Raging Chariot
28:02 - Stage 4: The Queen's Dirge
41:32 - Stage 5: Chains of Fire
52:13 - Stage 6: The Titan's Sarcophagus
1:02:28 - Stage 7: Muted Cries
1:12:58 - Stage 8: The Demon's Crown
1:20:16 - Final Boss: Abaddon
1:25:57 - Ending
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