The Bad Batch Episode 6 BREAKDOWN Who Was That?!

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The Bad Batch Episode 6 is here and it came with some unexpected guests and happenings. I feel like Wrecker will eventually turn completely to the mercy of the inhibitor chip, falling in line with Order 66 protocols and joining the other Clone Troopers, possibly joining forces with Crosshair and the Empire. This is what could lead Hunter, Echo, Tech and Omega to find Rex and ask him how to save their brothers. This could be awesome because we'll finally, maybe, see just how Gregor and Wolffe got their inhibitor chips removed too, as we saw in Rebels after The Clone Wars.

Do you think we'll see the struggle between Anakin Skywalker as he is turning more and more into Darth Vader by the day? I hope we'll see a glimpse of him, or at least come to know of him soon in the show. Mind you, the galaxy doesn't know of Vader, yet, as per the comics.

I wonder when we'll see the transition between Clones and Storm Troopers, if at all this season.

Let me know what you thought of the Martez sisters and how they will play into the show going forwards (I think they'll have a more recurring role from the looks of it).

May the force be with you!! Thanks for watching!!

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