The Failed #Invasion of Venezuela

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Last Sunday, an attempt was made to land #insurgent ground forces on the beaches of #Venezuela for the purpose of overthrowing and capturing President #Maduro. Two #American #military combat veterans were involved and are now in the custody of the Venezuelan #government. The details are still sketchy, but I'll throw my initial thoughts out there for the record.

The "invasion" obviously failed at the #tactical level. However, if you look at the overall #strategic goal of the government (secure the #Orinoco #Oil Belt), this little botched #raid just gave them the ammunition they need to take it to the next level. The American people will want their veterans back, regardless of the reason they deployed there in the first place.

Here's the video I posted about Venezuela last month:
Navy Deploys to Venezuela for "Anti-Drug" Ops? China Says Bear Bile & Goat Horn Cures Covid-19?

Ex-Green Beret led failed attempt to oust Venezuela’s Maduro

Venezuela broadcasts video of captured US mercenary

Moscow calls US claims it had nothing to with Venezuela raid 'unconvincing'

Sources: US investigating ex-Green Beret for Venezuela raid

Delivering Maduro to America was objective of failed Venezuelan incursion – US mercenary says in interrogation tape

Trump denies Washington role in Venezuelan ‘invasion’ after 2 US mercenaries nabbed in botched assassination plan

"On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged that the White House would use “every tool” in order to bring the two Americans – who used to serve in US special operations forces – back home." -

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