The GATEWAY To Roman England - Housesteads Fort

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One of the biggest invasions England ever faced was from the Romans, and the Roman Empire greatly transformed the country and nation in a huge way. Today there are still remains of Roman buildings that stand almost 2000 years since the invasion took place. One of the biggest structures that stands still is Hadrian's Wall, and built directly onto the wall are many different forts.

One of the most spectacular of these is Housesteads Fort which acted as a huge bastion for Roman soldiers to keep guard on the local area and also Hadrian's Wall. Work on Housesteads Roman Fort began in AD 123, and it was initially known as a place in which brilliant soldiers and fighters would have been based. It took a traditional shape and spanned around 5 acres of land. Inside the fort were a number of key buildings such as barracks, bath-houses, a Headquarters building and Commander's House. The Commander would oversee the military activity and discipline inside of Housesteads.

There was even a Hospital built inside for the Roman soldiers. It was home to a cohort of Tungrian soldiers, men recruited from modern day Belgium and also a Fresian Cavalry unit. The main goal for the fort was to keep out the invaders from Scotland known as the Caledones who caused problems for the Romans. Another unit from modern day Syria who were archers were even based a long way from home in England but the ultimate goal was to secure the frontier of the Roman Empire.

So join us today as we look at 'The Gateway to Roman England - Housesteads Fort.'

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