THE SUPER POPS SAVE ELECTRA POP FROM MIZEREE. (Season 4 Episode 4 Part 1) Totally TV Originals.

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The Super Pops S4 E4 P1. Electra Pop is taken by the evil bungler villain Mizeree? Will the Super Pops be able to save Electra Pop in time for her magic royal coronation ceremony or will a new secret bungler villain take over the kingdom? Brand new episode of Super Pops, High School Pop Stars with Superpowers. Videos for Teens.


All Original Super Pops Totally TV Series with Jenn Barlow as Majesty, Laura Elizabeth Hall as Chloe and CosmicPop, Scarlet Sheppard as Emma, ElectraPop and Queen Susanna, Olivia Cordell as Finley and FlashPop, Stephanie Hoston as Camila and CrystalPop, Adam Rodney as Cheshire and Chad, Gabby Shaikh as Gia and GlowPop, Katie Davison as Celeste, Anne Clark as Mizeree with and Miles Allen as Sir Alexander and Disrupter.

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