The Virgin of the Apocalypse: An Urgent Message to Persecutors of the Holy Church!

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The Virgin of the Revelation, Rome.

April 12, 1947

ROME, on the above date, was a sunny Saturday after Easter. Bruno Cornacchiola, a railway worker, decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring day by taking his three children----- Isola, aged ten, Carlo, aged seven, and Gianfranco, aged four----- on a picnic. It was a day he will never forget as it changed the whole course of his life. Early that afternoon he providentially missed a train going to Ostia and so decided to go to Tre Fontane instead. It is a location just outside of Rome noted for the shrine where St. Paul suffered Martyrdom and a parklike area with eucalyptus trees. It was also, alas, notorious as a place of sin in which even the bodies of dead preborn babies were found. There, in the shade of the eucalyptus, while his children played, Bruno pored over his Bible. He was preparing a speech which he intended to deliver in a public square the following day. It was a vicious attack on the Church's teaching on the Immaculate Conception of Mary.
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