The Wrath of the Just: Apocalypse Z, Book 3 - Manel Loureiro (Audiobook)

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From apocalypse… An act of terrorism unleashed an unspeakable biological weapon…and hell on earth. But as the masses felled by a hideous virus rose from the dead to prey on the living, a small band of survivors defied death and its ghastly spawn - determined to outrun the world’s end, and somehow begin again. To Armageddon… But beyond the undead-besieged shores of Europe lies something closer to damnation than salvation. Rescued from certain death at sea, the young Spanish lawyer, the beautiful woman he loves, and his brash, battle-hardened best friend - who have weathered the worst of the unnatural disaster - find themselves delivered from a world of horror into a stronghold of hate. In a United States ravaged by the Zombie plague and overrun by the undead, only Gulfport, Mississippi, offers sanctuary…for a price: Subservience to a fascist dictator and his brutal enforcers. But their reign of terror will soon be challenged. By rebels hungry for vengeance, and invaders bent on conquest.
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