Time Travel Future Video: Kamala Harris 47th US President, UFO Alien Invasion World War 3 Antichrist

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What you about to see is incredible
You will see the real future events
2021 - Kamala Harris Sworn as 47th President
November 2020 - Future Elections
Presidential Election Results
The Second American Revolution
2021 - Mass Foreclosures Lead to Civil War
2022 - Group Of Hackers Causing Global Disruption
Rich People Become Poor In Seconds
2022 - COVID Pandemic Finally Stops
But World Economy Still Devastated
2024 - Airforce One Shot Down
2025 - All Out Word War III
2025 - False Flag Alien Invasion
As An Attempt To Grab Power
2025 - Antichrist Arrival
2026 - Global Nuclear Conflict
2027 - New Bio Weapon Used
It Makes Humans Old In Seconds
2027 - Earth Population Declining
2028 - New Hybrid Climatic Weapon Used
Weather Changing Weapon
2029 - Mega Tsunami Bomb Used
2030 - World Devastated
2031 - Tsunami Bombs Triggers Super Volcano
And Devastating Earthquakes
2032 - Giant Solar Flare Cosmic Event Stops War
2033 - Most Surviving Humans Live Underground
2034 - Most of Earth Surface Polluted
2035 - Earth Core Eruption Caused By New Revenge Weapon
Mega Atomic Bomb Laser Drilled To Earth Core
Earth Surface Boils. All Life Extinct
2035 - Alien Creator Resets Time Back To 2026
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