VR Face Tracking On The Quest! HTC Vive Lip Tracker Works On Other Headsets & It's Amazing!

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Today it finally happened. We have Facial Tracking on the Oculus Quest 2 & 1. In today's video, I will go through with you my process of creating the mount to mount it to the Quest and any other headset too :) We will also go through a tiny bit of the setup process and of course at the end I test the tracker with the Quest and show you guys the results. I hope you enjoy the video :D

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0:00 Intro
0:38 What We Are Doing
1:26 Unboxing
2:50 Testing With GoPro Mount
3:31 3D Design & Printing Montage
5:22 Connecting it to your PC
6:36 Testing The Mount
7:02 Mounting It To The Quest
7:56 The Test
9:34 Better Test
11:49 Conclusion
12:14 It Still Fits In The Case!
13:44 Outro

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