Who danced each move in Next Level best?

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This isn’t an official ranking or a deep analysis. This is to celebrate the members with stand out moments throughout the video and learn from them, not to make anyone else look bad or use them against others.

I’m going to test out not putting the amount of time I focused on each member in the description. I feel maybe it fosters competition and negative comments too much. Feel free to count but remember that it isn’t really that telling since not all moves are the same length or difficulty.

Here is what I noticed about the dance and the members.

The dance itself definitely plays into the robotic nature of the song. I enjoy that. The members all have very good musicality with it and all seem to know how to add a little extra to make the move really pop. I do think the dance is weirdly sexual in some places though and doesn’t always match the vibe in that sense.

Very clean throughout. Clearly a very capable dancer. I can’t think of anything consistently wrong. She is great at moving her head to emphasize the move. This is a tiny detail many great idol dancers add that is instinctual to professionals and I’m trying to get better at it myself.

Not necessarily as clean as Karina (sometimes though!) but probably more aware of her angles. She makes some really nice poses throughout and is especially great with her hip movements. She cuts a few moves short at times but when she gets it she really gets it!

Ningning and Giselle
I’m actually putting them together description wise since they had similar strengths and weaknesses in the dance. Both would sometimes forget about their lower body positioning or lack detail in quick arm moves. However, both have a keen sense for adding a little extra to moves to make them stand out especially with little shoulder rolls and powerful struts.
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