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With its beautifully choreographed action, a story spanning centuries, and a surprisingly soulful examination of what it means to be human, The Old Guard is captivating audiences. That's in large part to a brilliant lead performance by the great Charlize Theron. She portrays Andromache of Scythia - or Andy for short - an immortal warrior who has seen it all, done it all, and frankly, is a little sick of it all. Andy and her fellow immortal mercenaries have been fighting for the future of mankind for hundreds of years.

But throughout the course of the story, we learn that even an "immortal" can be killed. Sometimes they even suffer a fate worse than death, such as the one that befell Andy's one-time significant other, Quynh.

We only see Quynh briefly, but we're betting that you may have found her face to be a bit familiar.

The actress who plays her, Van Veronica Ngo has amassed a very respectable body of work in recent years.

Here's why Quynh from The Old Guard looks so familiar.

American audiences may just be starting to become truly aware of Ngo's talents, but she's been a major star in Vietnam for the better part of two decades. She got her start as a model and pop singer, and in that latter field, she had plenty of success. Between 2002 and 2008, she released six albums, which yielded a slew of hit singles. That success became her springboard to Vietnamese cinema.

After making her first appearance outside of her native country with the MTV Asia series Rouge in 2004, she starred in a number of features, including 2007's The Rebel, which became Vietnam's highest-grossing picture at the time.

Over the next several years, Ngo starred in multiple feature films, and in 2019 she broke Vietnamese box office records again with Furie, a hard-hitting, martial arts-driven gangster flick. The film sees Ngo step into the role of Hai, a debt collector in a quiet country village whose life is upended when her daughter is kidnapped by organ traffickers. Does Hai go after her kid? She sure does. And does she draw on combat skills she learned in her younger days to take out anyone and everyone who stands in her way? Oh, you better believe it.

Furie is like Taken, but with more action.

It's a one-woman rampage through the seediest parts of a city to take back what she loves the most, and it proved once again why Van Veronica Ngo is an action star to take seriously.

For all her success in her home country, Ngo's first major role outside of Vietnamese productions didn't come until 2016 - but it ensured that her stateside profile would be significantly raised.

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Why Quynh From The Old Guard Looks So Familiar | Netflix

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