XCOM 2: Mass Effect - Invasion Live Stream [Ep14]

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Mass Effect - Invasion is a fan made/inspired let's play of XCOM 2 from the Mass Effect Universe.

Some archaeologists have discovered some Prothean tech on the planet Sovis. They are currently researching what it does and how they can use it. This has led to a powerful group called Advent to team up with Cerberus to take control of Sovis and the artifact. Advent wants to take Sovis and use it to make a name for themselves. Cerberus wants Sovis for its tactical/defensive location in the galaxy and it’s distribution of wealth and resources. But above all else they want the artifact for humanity. An N7 team has been put together to take back Sovis and find the science team with the artifact. With this conflict, there are more things out there looking to take control of Sovis and the Artifact.

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Game: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Difficulty: Legend

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